Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Feb 28, 2012

End of June of 2010 – spring is in full force of course and we had been running the seed company as usual. We had put an offer in on the property in Powell River, but it was conditional on inspections – by us, by a building inspector and by a septic inspector. The other two inspections happened first and turned out fine.

Then it was time for our inspection and we decided that I would be the one to go. In retrospect I am not sure why really. It was a jam packed couple of days – very surreal in some respects. Many what-the-hell-are-we-doing moments.

I flew out one day – to Comox, took the OMG too early ferry to Powell River in the morning, took the ferry back that evening and flew back to Ottawa the next day. Whirlwind. While in Powell River, our extremely helpful real estate agent Richard Clark picked me up, drove me to see the property, dropped me at the bank and then took me back to the ferry to go back to Comox.

The property was lovely, the house needed just as much work as we feared it did. But, of course as it was a rental at the time, it was not going to look great. Here are some pictures. 

The Water System - yep

The kitchen - more than rustic

Master bedroom with what passed for a closet on the left.

Second bedroom - the best part anyhow, the window seat

     Third bedroom - interesting colours, no.  Wait until you see how our daughter fixed this one.

Yard art. ??

The Living Room.

The Vegetable Garden - somewhere in there I guess

The yard

The little building that has become our store

What its all about - the view from our balcony - looking over the hill and down to the ocean.

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